Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snow Day!

A couple of weeks after momma brought me home, she told me she had a big surprise in the back yard for me. So after I did my stretches, I went outside to potty. Guess what! it was sparkly out! and there was flying stuff to run through! It came up over my head, but I didn't care - i just wanted to run!

And when it got too deep - I jumped and bounded around!

And sometimes I burrowed - mama called me her little snow mole....

And when It was done, I plopped down and said "Wow mom - can we do this everyday!?!" But she said hopefully not for a lot of sleeps, but we have more fun stuff to do in the meantime.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I meets my new home!

Time to fast forward to the day I met my momma for reals. I was downstairs playing with all my brothers and sisters and my special mom took me and one of my sisters and made us all wet. She trimmed our feets and blowed us dry. Then she took us upstairs and said we were going to meets some new people.

Here I met my new mommy:

Here's my other mommy:

They brought a ball and we played and played until I broke my kickstand:

I asked my mommy if I could be her forever dog:

And she said YES!! So we got in the car and drove for a long nap-time until we got to a new yard:

And it was sunny, and I loved it there:

I knew this was going to be my new home! I hope my brothers and sisters all find special places like this! I know my sister Ella did. And I saw my brother Tobi did too!

Momma's slow!

Mom says she's been busy and hasn't let me on the computer for awhile. I have some good stories of snow and baths and camping to tell you! She says I need to slow down so we can get all our pictures up. Here's a pic of me and my other special brother when we were about 6 or 7 weeks old. There's no denying we're fluffy! I got worried when I saw momma lookin at his picture, but she said she knew I was the one for her.

This is me at my special mama's house:

This is my bro. He went to a special little girl who fell in love with him too:

Mom says I can come back soon and show you pics from the day we met!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lets start at the very beginning...

My momma told me that she had been thinking for a long time what kind of pup she was going to get. Her mom had raised and showed collies like my sister Ty for as long as my momma has been borned, but momma wanted something smaller so she could take me for long rides in the doghouse with wheels she keeps in the driveway. She wanted to stick with herding dogs, but wasn't interested in another sheltie like the dog she had that raised my brother Tucker the cat. Then her friend Kim, who used to have a dog like me told her that sometimes this mystical thing happens where we are borned with lots of extra fur, like a collie. This was all my momma needed to hear, so she settled down for a long wait, since us mystical dogs can be really hard to find and she especially wanted one that was a blue boy like me. Little did she know that as soon as she put it out into the universe that this was what she wanted, I came into the world just a little ways away.

I was borned in Illinois by the river. There were 4 blues and 4 black & whites. My momma found out about the litter and emailed my special mom. My special mom emailed back and said that there was a chance that there might be mystical dogs in this litter and sent our photos along.

That's me on the left - trying to round up everybody for the photo.

These are my other brothers and sisters, including Ella, who you can read about over here.

My momma fell in love with me at first sight of my picture and prayed and wished every day that I would grow extra furs so she could have me. Lo and behold a couple of weeks later she got an email that said I was gonna be hers. She was so excited she couldn't wait to come see me, and that is the day I'll bark about next time!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kodi's Welcome

Greetings from Kodi's world. Kodi is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and this is his journal about growing up in the world. Kodi lives in Iowa with his dog sisters Tyler and Rylee as well as cat buddies Tucker and Specs.